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Medical Evacuation Stretcher

SPEED - The Key to Survival

On the battlefield you have to move fast. The medic packing a stretcher on his back wants the lightest, most compact bundle possible - one that does not restrict his movement, or slow him down under fire. The stretcher must open in seconds, and be easy to handle.

The MedEvac4 was developed to meet the demanding evacuation requirements of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). No matter how tight the spot, the IDF medics go in. They need a compact, lightweight, battle-tough stretcher to take with them. The MedEvac4 is field-proven by the IDF.

Super Compact

The MedEvac4 is a lightweight stretcher that folds into four compartments

The stretcher is only 20.8 inches long when folded, short enough to fit comfortably on one’s back, while not protruding above shoulder level.

Folds in Four - Lightweight - High-Strength

The MedEvac4 provides complete freedom of motion - the helmet will not hit into the stretcher regardless of how the wearer twists his or her neck. The MedEvac4 will not interfere with low openings, nor present a high profile target to enemy fire. As long as the wearer’s shoulders are out-of-sight, the MedEvac4 is out-of-sight.

Lightweight, Won't Slow You Down

The MedEvac4 weighs only 10.5 pounds. It opens fast and easily, as quickly as 6 seconds. Refolding is just as fast. Just snap it open and its patented joint configuration automatically locks in place. There is no need to waste precious seconds with locking mechanisms as with other folding stretchers. Once it’s open, it stays open.

Rugged & Reliable Simplicity

The MedEvac4 revolutionary joint configuration eliminates the need for strings and complicated locking mechanisms. Its simplicity is its greatest strength. Fewer moving parts translates increased reliability and easier maintenance. The MedEva4’s simplicity also allow for ease of use. With only three folding joints on either side, the MedEvac4 opens and closes using natural motions.

Easy Transport & Storage

The MedEvac4’s small folded volume and light weight means one can stow more of stretchers in tight places, an important feature for evacuation carriers such as helicopters, where space and weight are at a premium.

Not Just for the Military!

All the characteristics that make the MedEvac4 the ideal battlefield stretcher also make it perfect for a wide range of civilian rescue and evacuation emergencies.

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