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Blast Containment Wall Covering

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With our vast and practical experience in applying advanced textile technology for protection and saving lives, one of our sister companies has developed a composite fabric with proprietary properties to act as a wall covering shield. The textile technology used to produce this composite fabric with its protective properties is based on an exclusive spinning and weaving process developed by our textile engineers.

This very unique fabric shield has been thoroughly blast tested, approved, and recommended by the Israel Defense Forces Home Command. The fabric has also been successfully demonstrated at the Quantico U.S. Marine Base, Virginia, (Forces Protection Equipment Demonstration 1997).

The blast and after-shock that follows a nearby explosion, whether from a terrorist act or a missile, causes building walls to collapse and fragmentize. This explosion turns the fragments of concrete and brick into lethal projectiles, slamming into everything in their path. It is an established fact that nearly all the injuries and fatalities caused by nearby explosions are from flying concrete and brick fragments.

After the explosive blast and after-shock waves have damaged the building structure, the applied blast containment wall covering stretches under the impact of the blast. The Blast Containment Wall Covering distributes the stresses caused by the blast and prevents the concrete and brick fragments from penetrating into the building interior, thus shielding and greatly reducing the number of injuries caused to people within the building.

In the pictures to the right, the concrete wall with the Blast Containment Wall Covering was subjected to the same reflected blast pressure as the unprotected wall. While the unprotected wall has fragments of concrete scattered all around, the wall with the mounted Blast Containment Wall Covering contained all the fragments behind the blast shield.

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