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Inflatable Minefield Safety Shoes

Clearing minefields and leading combat troops through a minefield is a complex and dangerous task requiring skill, experience and specialized safety equipment that protects and allows an individual soldier to safely travel through a minefield.

One of the most important means to reduce the hazard of inadvertently triggering a hidden mine is to support and spread the weight of the soldier and his equipment over a contact area larger than a normal shoe or boot. This spreads and reduces his weight to less than the minimum force required to trigger and explode a hidden mine.

One of our sister companies developed a patented state-of-the-art Inflatable Minefield Safety Shoe that enables the wearer to safely cross and clear any minefield. This item is constructed of two inflated air cushions that are built into the shoes themselves, and maintain the exact air pressure required for the wearer’s safety.

The construction of the Inflatable Minefield Safety Shoe includes:

  • A tear-resistant, flexible, fabric that consists of a two-layer system of interconnected air cells with engineered air flow.
  • A rigid metal platform installed at the top of the outer fabric for transferring the wearer’s weight over the entire inflated Minefield Safety Shoe area.

  • The Inflatable Minefield Safety Shoe is completely portable, lightweight, and:
  • Folds into an approximate 18” x 7” x 4” packet.
  • Weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.
  • Requires no more than 2 minutes to assemble and wear.

  • Due to the two-layer construction and the interconnected air cell system, the Inflatable Minefield Safety Shoes remain functional even if punctured.

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