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Tool Safety Leash

When working above deck or at grade level, in our Bosuns Chair, or on a ladder, keep the tool you’re using with you at all times. Using our Tool Safety Leash, a dropped tool will not fall, preventing potential injuries or damage. Our Tool Safety Leash uses a comfortable adjustable hook and loop cuff that secures 60 inches of vinyl-covered coiled cord to your wrist, your waist belt or any other attachment point. The carabineer end attaches to the tool. Some tools may need modification to provide an attachment point. Two nylon reusable wire ties are provided with each leash. Additional wire tie attachments available, with 5 attachments per bag.

Note: Although capable of supporting great weight, this product is not recommended for use with tools weighing more than 5 pounds (2.27kg).


Leash: MSRP $9.95

Wire Tie Attachments: MSRP $2.95 per bag

Please send me information regarding this product.