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Multi-Lift Slings

100% Polyester + Nylon

There is an ever increasing demand for slings that are capable of lifting tremendous loads and where sling-damage to valuable cargo cannot be tolerated. Our engineering department has developed such a sling—MULTI - LIFT SLING.

MULTI-LIFT WEB SLINGS are laboratory tested to meet the strict international requirements of ISO 4878, DIN 61360 and BS 3481. The slings come in two configurations, namely:

  • ENDLESS SLINGS (E.S.) Endless Slings are versatile and can be used in all three types of hitches. Wear points are easily adjusted to increase the sling life. The sling arms can be spread for improved balance.
  • FLAT EYE SLINGS (F.E.): Flat Eye Slings are a very popular sling configuration that can be used in all three types of hitches. The sling is easily removable from beneath, after the load is in place.
  • Multi-Lift Slings with metal hooks, fittings and lashing systems are also part of the Multi-Lift product range.

    Advantages of Multi-Lift Web Slings:

    EASY AND SAFE: Normal cargo handling gear-cables and chains require skilled application. Multi-Lift Slings are easy to handle and are safe.

    GENTLE TO CARGO: Traditional cargo handling gear will scratch delicate surfaces and cut into the edges of cargo because of narrow load bearing surfaces. Multi-Lift Slings have a broad load-bearing surface. These slings do not damage the cargo.

    LOADING TIME: The cargo transportation cycle is critical and costly. By securing the loads quickly and efficiently, the Multi-Lift Slings system allows for a faster loading time.

    PREVENTS INJURIES: Traditional lifting gear accidents occur because of burrs on cables and chains. The Multi-Lift Slings have safe handling features that preclude such injuries.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & LONG-LASTING: Multi-Lift Slings are lightweight, strong, and compact with chemical resistant properties that allow the slings to be weather resistant.

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