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Manufacturing Capabilities

Owen Mills Company is a fully diversified industrial sewing manufacturer that has experience providing its public and private sector customers with a wide spectrum of products crossing a range of industries. During its history, Owen Mills has serviced the Marine, Military, Aerospace and Health & Safety industries. The company has been and continues to be both a direct contractor and subcontractor for various contracts awarded by the US Federal Government.

Owen Mills Company currently employs approximately 45 individuals to work in the company's manufacturing facilities in California; however, the company has the ability to expand its production capabilities. The manufacturing facility has both the physical space, as well as the manufacturing equipment to double its current production level. If needed, we can run multiple shifts to meet any required production schedule.

Owen Mills has multiple single needle sewing machines, and double needle machines. Other equipment includes Tackers, Bartacks, Walking Foots, Grommet & Washer Machine, Computerized Lockstitch Sewing Machines, Eyeleting/Grommeting Machine, Straight Knives, Round Knives, a Gerber Plotter, as well as other various machines that have been used throughout the years.

If needed or appropriate, Owen Mills Company has additional resources outside the company's US facility to assist in any manufacturing production requirements.