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During its history, Owen Mills has serviced the Marine, Military, Aerospace, Sports and Health & Safety industries by providing sewn product items to the U.S. Government, as well as commercial manufacturing firms. The company has been and continues to be both a direct contractor and subcontractor for various contracts awarded by the US Federal government.

Owen Mills Company manufactures a wide variety of products ranging from tactical vests (including molle systems) to various commercial products such as duffle bags and the various marine-related items that are available as part of the company's marine product line. The company's product list also includes life vests approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, protective blankets, flight helmet chin and nape straps, web harnesses, equipment bags, as well as various types of pouches. The materials used for these products are Nomex, Kevlar, Cordura, canvas, nylons, polyesters, webbing, coated fabrics and meshes. Equipment used to manufacture these products include sewing machines, die cutting, ultra-sonic, heat transfer, silk screening and web cutting.

In 2005 Owen Mills Company became a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, traded on the U.S. NASDAQ market exchange, when it was acquired by Defense Industries International, Inc. Defense Industries is a leading international manufacturer and provider of military and civilian protective equipment. While Owen Mills remains under the same management that it has had for the previous 29 years, Owen Mills Company has the capability to incorporate and manufacture in its own facility the products currently available through Defense Industries International.